“Like having a boutique hotel all to yourself”

Flair Magazine

The house at centre of local life

Indulgence Divine is not a hotel. It's a romantic 16th century town house for two, in the old Collacchio quarter of Vittoriosa, an area once reserved for the Knights. In modern times the well-to-do still moor their boats in the Café-rich marina, a short 5 minutes walk from the house. Indulgence Divine has been restored with an injection of colour and sensuous design to make it an exciting base from which to explore the rich history of the archipelago.

This historic holiday accommodation gives you the opportunity to be at the centre of local life, a life that seems to have changed little throughout the years. The stone walls of the house speak of its history - Centuries-old marine ex-votos still survive, carved on the wall of what was once the house chapel by past homeowners to keep them safe at sea. It's the same welcoming protection the house offers you when back, tired and exhausted from the day's wanderings.

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Bedroom with a sacred history

Once the private chapel of the house, a stone arch frames the inner sanctum of the romantic double bedroom. An antique Indian batik scene hangs just to the side of the Art Nouveau bed which is dressed in fine linen. A bed canopy features a well-known Hieronymus Bosch fantasy scene.

Majestic dining room

With a turquoise Murano chandelier hanging from a magnificent high ceiling over a quirky Carrara marble table, the dining room is the perfect setting for intimate dinners. Vibrant Designer’s Guild silk curtains help to set the scene.

Sunny roof terrace

Whether it’s starting the day at first light, enjoying a glass of wine in the cool breeze of the early evening, or relaxing at night under the stars, the private roof terrace of this Malta holiday pad is a truly peaceful spot where you can reflect and revive.

Fully equipped kitchen

The Indulgence Divine's separate kitchen is slick and well equipped, but it doesn’t mean you have to use it to cook on your holiday in Malta. Plenty of local restaurants close to our accommodation will be happy to look after that side of things.

Relaxing living room

Pieces of original art hang on pristine white walls of this mezzanine level, set off by dark hand-made Moroccan tiles – making the lounge a space to clear your thoughts and de-stress. Two large apertures fill the lounge with light - Sit comfortably and finish that book you've been meaning to read.

Romantic en-suite

The ensuite features an enticing double shower decorated in glass mosaic. Spacious and well lit, the bathroom is not just an afterthought but a place that intensifies the overall experience of this historic holiday rental. Right place to prepare yourself for the world outside.

sleeps 2
16th c.