“Think Alice in Wonderland meets Vittoriosa”

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Malta holiday rental for two

Why limit yourself to a room when you can have a spacious townhouse all to yourself, a welcoming holiday rental with separate lounge, dining room, kitchen and sunny terrace? Slip on the complimentary slippers and make yourself at home.

Malta boutique accommodation

Historic house and location

Situated in the city synonymous with 1565's Great Siege & close to Valletta, this 16th century boutique townhouse was once part of an eminent merchant’s home with its own private chapel. Its location, right behind the Inquisitor’s Palace and within Vittoriosa’s Collacchio area means you'll be cocooned in history.

Heritage respectfully restored

Be inspired and pampered by sensual design and fine materials. Indulgence Divine is a historic house that has been expertly restored and appointed with bespoke pieces that make it special while embracing the old fabric of the house.

Malta holiday

Eco friendly boutique accommodation

While de-stressing in the beautiful surroundings of this holiday let, you’ll be glad to hear that sustainability was part and parcel of our design. To reduce the carbon footprint of this holiday accommodation, insulation and ventilation were introduced whilst provision was made to harvest and re-use rainwater.

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The House

It's a romantic 16th century town house for two, in the old Collacchio quarter of Vittoriosa, an area once reserved for the Knights. In modern times the well-to-do still moor their boats in the Café-rich marina, a short 5 minutes walk from the house. Indulgence Divine has been restored with an injection of colour and sensuous design to make it an exciting base from which to explore the rich history of the archipelago. But the best thing about this historic holiday accommodation is that it gives you the opportunity to be at the centre of local life, a life that seems to have changed little throughout the years.

The loud conversations at the grocer's, the lowering of baskets from the balconies for deliveries, the passion behind the colourful village feasts, all populate the winding lanes of the city, just as they did centuries ago.The stone walls of the house speak of its history - Centuries-old marine ex-votos still survive, carved on the wall of what was once the house chapel by past homeowners to keep them safe at sea. It's the same welcoming protection the house offers you when back, tired and exhausted from the day's wanderings.

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Self catering holiday Malta

Fully equipped kitchen

The Indulgence Divine's separate kitchen is slick and well equipped, but it doesn’t mean you have to use it to cook on your holiday in Malta. Plenty of award winning local restaurants close to our accommodation will be happy to look after that side of things.

“Like having a boutique hotel all to yourself”

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Experience the real Malta

Holiday in Malta

Malta’s rich history provides the traveller with so much more than the tantalising mediterranean sun and sea. The island measures just 316km2, but it is generous with those interested in history and culture. Malta contains some of the greatest structures of prehistory as well as the stunning fortress cities of Vittoriosa, Valletta and Mdina.

Malta boutique accommodation

Why choose a self catering accommodation

Renting a house gives you more space and affords you more independence than a B&B or hotel does. It also means you’re King/Queen of the castle, to return home at whatever time it suits you. Self-catering accommodation provides the equipment for you to prepare meals according to your own dietary requirements in your own kitchen should you opt to stay in. 

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16th C. House
Sleeps 2 Adults
Air Condition
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